I began creating rustic furniture in 1998 after searching for furnishings for
my new log home in Chimney Rock, North Carolina.  I was able to find many
wonderful pieces, but none seemed to “fit” my new log home.  They were
either beyond what I could afford, or were what I considered to be “elegant
rustic”.  I searched to find  “mountain  rustic” furniture and accessories at a
more affordable  price.  I was unable to find anything that met my criteria.   I
discovered that the only way I could have the furniture I desired was to make
it myself.  

I hike our property to select and gather  the twigs for my creations.  I
implement   joinery and finishing techniques that will make my pieces last a
lifetime (or longer).  Chimney Rock Bark and Twig offers high quality rustic
mirrors and frames (some with original oil paintings) at affordable prices.  All
pieces are hand made originals and no two are alike.    All pieces are created
with well dried materials and are hand sealed to protect and enhance the
natural beauty of the bark and twigs.  

I love what I do, and approach each project with enthusiasm and pride.  I
enjoy sharing my work with those who desire to live with original, unique
and handmade works of art.